The Future is Bright

Child poverty rate: 56%. We’ve trained hundreds in a greater understanding of money, property, and credit readiness.

The future is bright

Unemployment rate: 33%. We have helped develop 7 new businesses producing 25+ jobs.

The Future is Bright

High School dropout rate: 33%. 95% of children in our programs are graduating.

No one became successful without the help of someone else.


Besides the invaluable and enriching experience gained by working with students that need help, the tutor receives hands-on experience that could be beneficial in furthering their career.



One time gifts, pledges, and commemorative gifts are all appreciated. You can also donate online.



There is a foundational need in our community for people who will set a positive example on work ethic, care of family, and understanding the sense of responsibility each of us has to our community.


Helping to create a community of independence. One person. One family. One street at a time.

Brightmoor by the numbers

Health Concerns

Our infant mortality rate is 13.6%. We are one of the leading communities in diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.


Brightmoor is an education desert. Over 7000 children live in Brightmoor, yet there are only two schools. The dropout rate is a staggering 35% while the national average is around 6%.

Economic Conditions

The poverty rate in Brightmoor is close to 35%. There is a segment of residents that live on less than $7000 annually which is 150% below the national poverty level. The home ownership rate in Detroit is only 46% compared to a national average of 63%.

Our Pillars


Children and adult tutoring. College prep. Music/performing arts. Computer lab.


Health screening. Dental services. Healthy cooking classes.


Resume writing. Interview skills. Job/career placement.

Financial literacy

Workshops on budgeting/saving, asset/debt management, and investment.