At the Table

“God wants you at the table. What’s under the table is for the dogs.”

Pastor Semmeal Thomas, City Covenant Church

Many times in economically challenged communities like Brightmoor, a significant population of people have simply given up on hope. At the Table is a wonderful effort to Help Create a Community of Independence.

At the Table was started as an initiative in 2017. After carefully conducting an asset mapping of the Brightmoor community, we realize that there was an abundance of talented people who were no longer participating in the job market. Mainly out of frustration and lack of education these individuals had fallen by the wayside.

On occasion, people would approach Pastor Thomas with a willingness to do work around the church or the community center and asked to be paid “under the table”. Pastor Thomas replied to them “God wants you at the table. What’s under the table is for the dogs.”

To date, At the Table has helped launch, train, and equip 15 businesses. Through a fruitful partnership with Faith Covenant Church in Farmington Hills, At the table has provided no interest microloans ranging from $1000-$5000. At the Table also provides financial advice, business plans, marketing strategies and coaching too numerous individuals with small businesses or interested in starting a business at no cost.

At the Table Summer 2023