Mission: City was featured on the PBS Show “Are the Kids All Right:The Well Being of Children Roadshow”

Topics covered:

Brightmoor Kids – Living in Brightmoor
“One Detroit” Associate Producer Will Glover sits down with a group of neighborhood children from Brightmoor to hear what they like about living in the neighborhood.

As in every community, there are issues that cause stress and anxiety in children. These are referred to as ACES – or “adverse childhood experiences.” They include neglect, abuse and a dysfunctional home environment. These stressors can affect kids well into adulthood.

Helping children through trauma panel
Featuring Dawn Wilson Clark of “482 Forward” and the Brightmoor education action team; Mary Mueller, coordinator for trauma informed systems at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; and family advocate Bernita Bradley, founder of “The Village PCL.”

Brightmoor Kids – Insecurity
We asked the children of Brightmoor what’s missing in their community and what kind of change they want to see.

Insecurity panel
Featuring Mike Spicer, COO Of Forgotten Harvest; Pastor Semmeal Thomas of City Covenant Church; and Pam Weaver with Development Centers.

Brilliant Detroit
“Brilliant Detroit” is a non-profit that helps families create stable home environments and prepare their children for school. The organization offers programs and support services at Brilliant Detroit houses located within neighborhoods like Brightmoor.

Brilliant Detroit panel
Featuring co-founder and CEO of Brilliant Detroit, Cindy Eggleton; Pastor Larry Simmons, Executive Director of Brightmoor Alliance; and Camarrah Morgan, Network Partner with The Fisher Foundation.