Need a safe, fun place for your child to spend the summer? MISSION: City offers summer camp which runs from the end of July 6 thru August 28, Monday-Friday from 8:30-3:30p.m. with age specific lessons, crafts, community projects, field trips, and overnight camp, and much more.

Take a look at one of this year’s most anticipated programs:

Summer in the City & Art Camp


“You have children who are violists and they don’t even know it. You have children who could be beautiful pianists and they don’t even know it. There is a need for the arts . . . there is a need for mentoring the children at every level … a program like this would impact our community greatly.”

Pastor Semmeal Thomas of City Covenant Church asking for support for Summer in the City Music and Art Camp.

What we are doing

We plan to provide a free, five-day a week, music and arts summer camp for 50 children of elementary and middle school age from the neighborhood of Brightmoor, in Detroit. The camp will be operated through the City Covenant Church and the City: Mission – both at the intersection of Schoolcraft Avenue and Stout Street in Brightmoor. Campers will receive free breakfast and lunch meals.

The camp will teach:

  • music (piano, violin, guitar, flute, drums, banjo),
  • dance (jazz, hip hop and modern), and
  • visual arts  (painting scenes, drawing friends and family, paper mache, and more).

Why We Are Doing It

A significant, but often overlooked, problem faced by children growing up in Brightmoor — and other low-income neighborhoods in inner city Detroit — is the lack of available productive activities. They are stranded here with few undertakings to pursue. This is a serious contributing factor to teens becoming involved with drugs and violence.

There is a complete lack of education or support for music and art education in the area’s public schools, and families cannot afford lessons in these enriching activities. And there are very few summer programs for the 7000 plus kids in the neighborhood, and none that focus on the arts.

One of the important aspects of music and art is that there is no end to it – one is rarely “finished” with the piano or the guitar or with drawing or painting. By involving children in the arts from an early age – and providing them with the skills to pursue these interests, we can give them an endless outlet to express their emotions, to feel good about their accomplishments, and to entertain themselves.

We plan to instill in these children a love for music and art and a belief in their own power to make beautiful creations. Learning how to work hard to achieve their artistic goals will facilitate their beliefs in their own capabilities and spill over into their academic success. It may also open the possibility of artistic scholarships for college